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More driftwood!

Here’s another driftwood project I’ve been working on recently: a windchime for my sister-in-law’s birthday:

This is made out of a piece of driftwood onto which I pyro’d Lizzie’s name and a few butterflies.  My OH used to be a plumber and we had some leftover copper pipe lying in the garden, so I cut it into different lengths, drilled holes at the top and polished them up (steel wool would have been best for this, but I didn’t have any so had to use a scourer which eventually did the trick but took MUCH longer!!).  The pipes are attached to the wood with fishing line which is strong but flexible, so gives good movement.  The copper pipes worked brilliantly and it sounded FANTASTIC!

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Driftwood Fairy

I’ve been taking part in a Secret Santa through a crafts forum and the recipient of my gift loves fairies so it seemed sensible to make her a gift that was fairy-themed!

My first idea was to take a bit of driftwood and pyro a fairy onto it, then drill a hole to hold a tealight at the top.  Bear in mind this was my very first attempt at pyro (and I hadn’t made the hole for the tealight when I took this, so it’s just sitting awkwardly on top!)

I was reasonably pleased with it but felt it lacked a little something … so I went ahead and made something else instead (more about that in a later post!).  Anyway, my mum suggested that it might be nice with some air plants in the top instead of a tealight holder and I agree!  So, will be getting some air plants at some point to see how that looks.