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How To Turn A Scarf Into A Coaster

The thing I really love about resin is that you can embed practically anything and end up with some amazing effects!

So, the other day I decided to turn a bit of scarf like this:

Into a set of two coasters:

The effect is brilliant – it looks like there’s a whole heap of mohair in there 🙂  The picture doesn’t do it justice – honest!

The process is this:

1.  Do a layer of transparent resin to cover the base of the mould (which will be the TOP of the coaster)
2.  Once tacky, snip the scarf into individual strands of wool and layer it over the resin.
3.  Pour a teeny bit of resin on top so that the wool is JUST covered and no more. Have a look at it from underneath (taking care NOT to pour it over your face!) to make sure there’s an even spread.
4.  Once tacky/set, mix up some black resin and fill up the mould to the top.

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Bangle disaster!

I tried out the bangle mould for resin yesterday with some lovely crushed green glass (formerly a wine bottle!) and couldn’t wait to get it out of the mould this morning!  Unfortunately it TOTALLY wouldn’t budge, so after hubbie had had a go at it as well, I popped it into the freezer.  Normally this works a treat but it STILL wouldn’t budge 🙁  Eventually I tried a bit of squeezing but the fact it was frozen must have made it fragile … so I got it out of the mould, but in four pieces!

Thankfully the great thing about resin is that I should be able to repair it with a bit of extra resin!  Here is it, still broken but laid out as it should look.

I’ve started the repair job, so we’ll see what it looks like in a few days!