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Mushroom candle holder!

Have been playing a bit more with the clay today and have produced … a mushroom candle holder and a ‘rustic’ bowl …

The foliage in the bowl will burn off during firing and hopefully leave a nice imprint behind!

Am really still trying to get used to working with the terracotta clay, but I’m enjoying it so far.

Still haven’t fired my green man yet, as I’m too scared of breaking it!!

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Feeling the recycle love!

I was chuffed to bits today to get 250 red bricks for free via West Fife ReCycle, which were left over from someone’s building job. ¬†Absolutely brilliant, as it’ll let me make a storage area for drying wood out to use in my pottery pit kiln project!

The other thing I really needed for the kiln was sawdust. ¬†I got some coarse sawdust from Wilkinsons yesterday but the all-important FINE sawdust has been provided by Scottish Wood, who have said I can come and fill my bags up with sawdust during their lunch hour when the saw isn’t running. ¬†FAB! ¬†Filled four big black bags today, so that’ll certainly keep me going…


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Two months later…

I seem to recall back in January I said I was going to try a bit harder to keep up with blogging …. now here I am two months after my last blog post finally getting round to doing my next one. ¬†Oops!! ¬†Must try harder ūüôā

Life has been hectic as always! ¬†As well as being a keen crafter, I’m also a freelance web developer and have been busy with new & existing clients’ websites. ¬† Add to that the fact that I’m also a full time student at the moment (I decided on the spur of the moment last summer to do an HNC at the local college!) and have two pre-school children … you can see why time gets away from me sometimes!!

Anyway … I’m dabbling in a new hobby at the moment: pottery! ¬†But before I get to that, I’d like to share with you a fantastic painting I commissioned for my mum’s birthday. ¬†The artist is Nicki Macrae and she is *amazing*. ¬†The painting is the view from my mum’s old house – a lovely sea view that she misses now that she’s moved away. ¬†Nicki happens to live in the same wee town I grew up in and, being a HUGE fan of her work¬†anyway, it made perfect sense to ask her to capture the memory for mum in an artwork!

Here’s the painting (I hope Nicki doesn’t mind me linking to her Flickr account!) – isn’t it amazing!!


Needless to say, mum adores it & can’t take her eyes off it! ¬†Nicki was a real pleasure to work with, so I can’t recommend her enough! ¬†Check out her Facebook page and prepare to be amazed!!

Now, onto the pottery … it’s something I’ve always fancied doing, as I enjoy working on a smaller scale with polymer clay. ¬†But I’ve always felt I’d never be able to afford a large enough kiln for firing it. ¬†Then last week I thought to myself “but they didn’t have kilns back in the olden days..”! ¬†So I’ve been doing a lot of research into more traditional firing techniques and I’m ready to try a few out – starting with a pit kiln.

So far all I’ve done is purchase some clay and made a few basic items to fire (I’ll take a photo tomorrow – it’s too dull now!). ¬†They are NOT masterpieces! ¬†I have a feeling I’ll break quite a few items during firing (especially the first few attempts!), so I’m deliberately not spending hours and hours on my creations at this stage!! ¬†I’m hoping to have my first bash at a pit kiln in a couple of nights!

Stay tuned…