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Making an animation… with Brusho!

I saw an animation tutorial on the Digital Arts Online website quite a while back (over a year ago, in fact!) which I’ve always admired but never completed.  The tutorial, by animation director Vida Vega, involves using hand drawn elements together with digital effects to produce a short but beautiful animation.  Each time I’ve sat down to follow the tutorial, I could never produce satisfactory hand drawn elements so I’d end up abandoning the idea and moving onto something else.

Today, I decided that it might be another opportunity to practice my Brusho, so I gave it another bash.  And FINALLY I have a completed animation – yipee!

Here are the hand-drawn (painted with Brusho) elements that will make up the animation (the four blobs at the bottom eventually become snowflakes!):

Brusho elements used in animation

Look at the amazing Brusho texture in the background block! That’s just Brusho Black and Brusho Dark Brown there – the powders are actually made up of lots of different colours so you can either brush it right through to get a uniform colour, or brush it only minimally and enjoy the lovely speckles of colour instead!

These elements were assembled into this image before animating:


Here is the short animation:

I’m not 100% satisfied with it (am I ever?!), but I’m very happy with it as a first attempt and I love the Brusho texture!

Be sure to check out the tutorial for yourself if you fancy having a go!

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Trying out Brusho

I’m trying out Brusho at the moment, which is a powered watercolour ink.  While you can add water to the powder to use as a regular watercolour, you can also apply and work it in other ways – such as sprinkling the powder onto your support then spraying it with water, or using wax resist or even bleach for highlights.  It’s a really interesting medium, pretty hard to control for the most part and allows for some lovely expressive painting! Here is one of my efforts, based on an exercise in the Brusho Secrets e-book!