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Making an animation… with Brusho!

I saw an animation tutorial on the Digital Arts Online website quite a while back (over a year ago, in fact!) which I’ve always admired but never completed.  The tutorial, by animation director Vida Vega, involves using hand drawn elements together with digital effects to produce a short but beautiful animation.  Each time I’ve sat down to follow the tutorial, I could never produce satisfactory hand drawn elements so I’d end up abandoning the idea and moving onto something else.

Today, I decided that it might be another opportunity to practice my Brusho, so I gave it another bash.  And FINALLY I have a completed animation – yipee!

Here are the hand-drawn (painted with Brusho) elements that will make up the animation (the four blobs at the bottom eventually become snowflakes!):

Brusho elements used in animation

Look at the amazing Brusho texture in the background block! That’s just Brusho Black and Brusho Dark Brown there – the powders are actually made up of lots of different colours so you can either brush it right through to get a uniform colour, or brush it only minimally and enjoy the lovely speckles of colour instead!

These elements were assembled into this image before animating:


Here is the short animation:

I’m not 100% satisfied with it (am I ever?!), but I’m very happy with it as a first attempt and I love the Brusho texture!

Be sure to check out the tutorial for yourself if you fancy having a go!