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Kiln attempt #1!

Well, we’ve had a productive day! We’ve built a basic storage area for drying wood and have dug out the pit kiln!

The aim was to dig 60cm deep, but seemingly we have lots of rocks in our garden so we couldn’t get any deeper than 40cm.  So, we put a layer of bricks around the outside and raised the ground with the earth we’d dug out, until it was a 60cm pit.

The pit is made of an initial few inches of fine sawdust, paper and twigs.  Then the pottery went on top of that, along with some sea salt and veg that was past its best! After that we put alternating layers of fine sawdust mixed with more coarse wood shavings (like hamster bedding), paper and twigs.  On top of that were small-ish logs (driftwood) and more twigs.  We used barbecue lighter fluid on the top layer before lighting it.  It took a few attempts, but we got it lit in the end!!

Here are a couple of photos…

The pit is still smoking as I type, so it’ll be tomorrow until I see how the pottery turns out!

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